Improve your strength by training with weights, resistance tools and your own bodyweight. Benefits include functionality (daily activities) postural and joint support, bone density, muscle tone and athletic performance.


One advantage to training for speed is using our fast twitch muscle fibers, which lead to an increase in metabolism.  Result?  Burning calories during and after your session. Looking to increase your speed?  Train fast.


AKA the sweet science, is one of my favorite workouts. Boxing combines speed, strength and intangibles. It is as much mental as it is physical. Learn and improve your boxing technique to enhance your skills and fitness in the ring. A superb total body workout.


Assets that cannot be seen, touched or physically measured which are created by time and/or effort. They often generate little thought or concern but are of huge importance. Not only are they applied to exercise but to all aspects of life. MORALE and WILLPOWER will determine whether one has the spirit to:

Make the time to exercise
Develop good and consistent exercise/nutritional habits
Achieve lifestyle goals